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Multi Weeda Garden Tool
The Boss Tools Multi Weeda is designed to remove these weeds with the minimum of fuss and damage to the ground.
The all-round weeding tool - ideal for field or garden use

Available in Sky blue, Bubblegum pink & Bright red.
  • Easily removes the most difficult & toxic weeds - sharpened prongs dig easily in the ground - even when the ground is hard or stony
  • Removes the whole weed - disturbs the minimum of soil
  • No need to use harmful chemicals
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Strong yet light in weight
  • Perfect in the garden or field
  • Ideal for removing
    - Ragwort - Thistle - Dandelion - Nettles

Registered Design: The Boss Tools Multi Weeda fork is protected by Registered Design No. 2106468
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